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We help fight COVID-19

Avalon has supported the Native Relief Foundation's initiative to help Lviv hospital physicians combat the spread of coronavirus. Together with partners Avalon and OKKO Group, and with the support of Medicover Medical Center, the Foundation purchased 20 artificial lung ventilation (IVL) devices. The devices will be delivered to hospitals in Lviv and the region within 12 days. Additionally, the Native Charity Foundation will provide 1,800 protective suits for physicians.
“Business cannot be left out - in the fight against a pandemic we need to join our efforts. At present, Lviv residents and residents of the region need our help. That is why we are working together to preserve human health and assist physicians in overcoming the spread of coronavirus, - says Avalon CEO Alla Shamova. quarantine. Right now, we have the opportunity to demonstrate our shared social responsibility: not only business before society, but also citizens before other citizens, each before ourselves.

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About us

Avalon – a leading investment and development company in the Ukrainian market

Our projects are unique. You will see the difference in our designs, in our construction methods and the materials that we use. Most importantly, you will notice the difference in how we treat our customers and the environment.

Avalon Zelena St.

In the rhythm of our lives, it is not always possible to go outside the city to have a rest. That is why Avalon has chosen the location of a new residential complex of the Zelena street – the greenest district of Lviv, where you can enjoy silence and peace, feel the union with nature and be alone with your thoughts.

Avalon Zelena St.

Avalon Up

The main concept in the creation of this residential complex is a provocative combination of logical and emotional, restrained and explosive, revolutionary and cozy. It was such bold decisions that managed to reveal the idea of exclusivity of the facade design of this residential complex. Dominant number of storeys, restrained lines, panoramic glazing act in tandem with modern technologies.

Avalon Up


Avalon Lux

This is not just a unique residential complex of Lviv, but an excellent concept for lodging for people whose lifestyle combines the desire for luxury and freedom. Avalon LUX has received European recognition at the authoritative international competition The European Property Awards 2016-2017 in London. Developers have traveled a lot of countries to take over the experience of leading construction companies in the world and create a perfect home.

Avalon Lux
European property awards

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