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Avalon – a leading investment and development company in the Ukrainian market

Our projects are unique. You will see the difference in our designs, in our construction methods and the materials that we use. Most importantly, you will notice the difference in how we treat our customers and the environment.

Avalon Up

The main concept in the creation of this residential complex is a provocative combination of logical and emotional, restrained and explosive, revolutionary and cozy. It was such bold decisions that managed to reveal the idea of exclusivity of the facade design of this residential complex. Dominant number of storeys, restrained lines, panoramic glazing act in tandem with modern technologies. Buying an apartment in Avalon Up is the decision of those who are not afraid of bold and forward-looking combinations.

Avalon Flex

Flexibility is a motion. Confident motion towards clear, distinct and sometimes challenging, yet accessible aims. To embody your wishes, to feel freedom, to create a space with the walls you prefer, with colour you like, with rules you set. This space is created by you.

Avalon Flex
Avalon 37

The combination of modern architectural planning and service turns the house into an ideal that becomes the norm of your life. The unique location of Avalon_37 in the central part of the Lviv city will allow you to manage your time, avoiding traffic jams: modern business infrastructure - 10 minutes walk from your home.

Avalon 37
European property awards

What is needed to purchase an apartment in Avalon?

Apartment purchase is an important step in every person’s life, hence it should be approached responsibly. Firstly, one needs to decide which apartment they want. Avalon is a development company and it sells apartments in new buildings directly. Besides, fitted-out apartments are available. A couple of stages lead you to the purchase of an apartment in a new building: -If you purchase with your own money, without installments or mortgage, the paperwork is simple and does not differ from buying a second-hand apartment. The list of required documents will be presented to you in the Avalon Sales Department. -The next step will be obtaining of technical passport. This document is issued by an engineer with the corresponding certificate. -Then, the procedure of property rights registration is conducted. A qualified lawyer will be required for that. -After all the paperwork is collected, one needs to sign a contract of sale in presence of a notary to obtain your right to the property. It is crucial to double-check all the information written in the contract before signing it. Besides, Avalon Sales Department will provide you with scanned copies of the permits, licenses, and list of commissioned objectives, terms of investment, list of partners, and other useful data needed for your peace and safety.

What is needed to purchase an apartment in Avalon?

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7 years on the market
14 projects
more than 300 employees
6000 happy families
5412 appartments
more than 300 thousand sq.m.

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  • addresses of sales centers Lviv, V. Chornovil Ave., 18 (near LCD Avalon) Lviv , Chervonoyi Kalini Ave. ,56 (24 floor of LCD Avalon UP)
  • work schedule Mon-Fri 10:00 – 19:00 Sat 11:00 – 17:00, Sunday - day off January 06 10:00 - 16:00 January 7 day off

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