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Social projects

«One of the main missions of Avalon – to create a socially responsible business that helps those who need it and encourages Ukrainians to do charity.

Avalon - change your world - This slogan is key in our company, because we are convinced that our activities can change the world and inspire others to good deeds. " Alla Shamova CEO of Avalon.
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About the project
«The walls are healing»

In September, Avalon launched its charity event "Walls Heal". Its purpose is to repair the pediatric ENT department of Okhmatdyt Hospital and provide children with a comfortable stay to promote a speedy recovery.

Throughout the project, the Avalon brand transfers 1% for the sale of each apartment. These funds will go to the repair and arrangement of 276 sq.m. children's ENT department of Okhmatdyt.

Okhmatdyt Hospital is one of the most powerful children's clinics in Ukraine. It is home to hundreds of children who need daily care and support from doctors. In particular, the ENT department will receive 20 children from all over the country around the clock.

The task of the action«The walls are healing»

The main task of the action is — arranging for children the most comfortable and convenient space, which will create an atmosphere of safety, warmth and promote a good mood and quick recovery.
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Results of the action "Walls heal"

Here will be the results of the campaign and the report
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