Avalon Up – a new generation residential complex located in the biggest bedroom suburb – in Sykhiv. Avalon Up location is very attractive for those who spend much time at the heart of it all and at the same time like to be in the out-of-doors.

On the territory, the area of which is 2 ha, we create a separate world: modern, comfortable, green and self-sufficient. It is the first ultramodern residential complex in Lviv the towers of which reach from 20th to 27th floor. Its total area is over 65 000 sq.m.

Incomparable observation panorama from the windows of the highest towers in the city will supplement the latest planning and architectural solutions, interior halls design, innovative technology of the panorama glazing of the building fronts and other details peculiar to business class buildings.

About a park:

Comfortable and harmonious life

The project is exclusive because of its location which is in proximity to a forestal area that will be made into a sumptuous park with walkways, designer’s benches and street lamps. We will change your vision of the parks. From now on, the pedestrial area is joining the residential complex by recreation area right in the middle of the city. The walkways will go past the sports ground and kids zone. A lake with a lounge zone will be the most beautiful area one may have some picnics in spring and in summer nearby. The additionally arranged recreation zones will become the best place for the agreeable pastime to be face to face with nature or create.

Сar-free courtyard

The architects have integrated the project of the underground parking with a possibility to place

1 000 cars. Additional guests parking space will be located outside the territory of the complex. It means that the courtyard will be clean and safe and will have a modern pedestrian zone and Wi-Fi. We are not creating just a courtyard; we are creating a space where one may have a good time every day.

The city in the city concept

The main advantage of the complex is that on its territory there will be implemented the unique technological solutions changing a standard concept of the life in the city. The solutions, used in the project form a new comfortable living space.

Avalon Up – a building that perfectly well knows what its future inhabitants want.

The residential complex with a similar range of services is realized for the first time and does not have any counterparts in Lviv. There will be implemented a unique concept of the infrastructure and social space in the complex. It is a real city in the city! On the territory of the residential complex, there will be operating the chain food stores, beauty salons, chemist’s shops, dentist's rooms, coffee houses, office premises, dry-cleaning, tailoring repairs, shoemaker etc. One of six sections of the newly constructed building will room a preschool European-style educational establishment that will allow the new parents to save their time effectively.

The internal infrastructure will be supplemented by the district possibilities. Not far from the residential complex there are some shopping centers, supermarkets, a fitness center with a swimming pool, beauty salons and SPA, kinder gardens, secondary educational establishments, a hospital and many other social objects.

Avalon Up – a perfect residential complex for those who strive for conquering summits, value comfort and search for possibilities for business development.


In Avalon Up residential complex there have been considered the needs of both big and small families. In each section, there have been foreseen studio apartments, one-, two-, three-room apartments and penthouses.

Avalon Up penthouses, located on the upper floors of each section have the area from 78,56 to 148,38sq.m. Purchasing such apartments you create your own life model as long as this residential area provides the innovative space planning. Panoramic windows make the penthouses even more beautiful. As a result, the rooms always have a sufficient amount of light and fresh air. Stepping out into own penthouse terrace, you admire the feeling of space and freedom, contemplating the beauty of the forest or the city.

Interior hall

The entrance hall interior is the first thing that draws the attention of those opening the doors of the residential complex. Its modern design, pleasant flavor, comfortable waiting space and many other conveniences have been foreseen in Avalon UP. From now on, taking care of your comfort we have created in the entrance hall the special areas for the baby strollers and comfortable places for the bicycles. The waiting zones are furnished with the seating furniture, coffee tables and have Wi Fi zone. Elegant colours, unique designer’s solutions and rational use of space bring into focus the difference between the residential complex and the surrounding buildings not only outside but also inside.

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