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Fulfilling your dream

The residential complex AVALON is 10 minutes from the Opera House, on Chornovil Avenue. You may easily get to the city centre of Lviv by your own car or by public transport. Moreover, all the necessary aspects for a comfortable and proper living will be available for the owners of new flats. It takes several minutes to get from AVALON to three supermarkets, schools, kindergartens, parks or hospitals. So the full life for active young people or parents with children who choose a cozy flat in a new residential complex will be secured.

Comfort in details

Having thoroughly investigated the needs and requests of the real estate market, the company has made a great emphasis first of all on the convenience of living for the residents. The courtyard of the residential complex will let you spend your free time in the shade of the trees, on children’s or sports playgrounds safely and pleasantly. At the same time, the owners of the flats will not have to worry about their cars as the project provides a underground parking, which will amaze by its safety and accessibility.

Design has surpassed the analogues

Avalon housing complex consists of two circles, 9 sections each, from 6 to 15 storeys. Interestingly, each section is different in its design. You can find such a project neither in Lviv, nor in the whole Ukraine. The smooth futurity with pleasing lines will make an appeal to the fans of the modern approach to building. The globality of the project has already been marked by experts, so now it is the turn of the residents who will be able not only to get a high-quality accommodation, but also, without exaggeration, one more reason for pride. The scale of the residential complex is conveyed by every section, which forms an overall harmonious and modern style. By the way, the style of the new quarter reflects the latest trends of European and American housing building.

Thinking of you

Traditionally the company Avalon Inc. uses a flexible approach. In addition, the future residents may choose the number of storeys and rooms in their sole discretion, as well as at their service there are many additional options. For example, the regular team of designers will help you to embody the inner space according to different tastes. Additional equipment of apartments, parking spaces, or other needs of the new residents will also be implemented. To do this, it will be enough to contact the company Avalon Inc., which will help you in your choice.

The residents of the estate do not have to worry about the safety of their vehicles. Spacious two-level underground parking for 400 cars, convenient for entry and exit, will protect cars from bad weather and criminals. In addition, ground parking for guests is planned to be built on-site. 

Owing to the use of high quality materials, the work of a professional company and the fast pace of building, every day a new residential complex AVALON becomes more accessible for all.

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