A new direction within the investment and development company AVALON, which allows to realize the interests of clients without wasting time and effort. We have created a wide range of primary and secondary market housing offers for purchase, as well as for existing customers of AVALON the opportunity to sell their property.
- Exclusive offers to buy real estate for new customers
- The possibility of profitable sale of real estate for existing customers
- Full support of the process
- Legal support
A team of professionals works to create the most comfortable conditions just for you.
tel: 0 800 500 585
Sales manager: Chornovola Ave., 18 (next to the LCD "Avalon"). Chervona Kalyna Ave., 60.

UPdate prices in LCD Avalon Up soon! Have time to buy a home at the current price.

Powerful UpDate life in the most comfortable area of Lviv. The highest residential complex of business class Avalon UP will provide the most demanding connoisseurs of comfort with a developed infrastructure and modern apartments. Have time to take advantage of current prices now, before raising them by 10% in August.
UPdate prices in LCD Avalon Up soon! Have time to buy a home at the current price.

Security check in the tallest skyscraper in Lviv - Avalon UP

Tactical and special fire safety exercises with the participation of fire brigades of the State Emergency Service took place in the Avalon Up business class residential complex.
Rescuers together with employees of the management company Avalon Facility Service worked out an algorithm of actions.

Premium of the new generation

Lviv is a synthesis of different epochs and cultural influences that have left their traces in history over the centuries and have created the city of Lviv as we love it today. Such a special feature formed the individuality of Lviv in all aspects, and most of all - in architecture. Each building is imbued with its own history, we explore it, we want to touch the past, we complement everything with our thoughts and ideas to form a holistic picture.
All the masterpieces of architecture that we admire, which we now consider to be a cultural heritage, used to be striking examples of the premium of the time in which they appeared. We can trace how the appearance of premium houses changed from period to period, but at some point the logical development of aesthetic architecture in Lviv stopped. However, at the present stage to continue to ignore the image of the visual part of the city, at least irresponsibly.
Development company Avalon has always given priority to the appearance of projects, especially to premium-class residential complexes. Designers and architects have been working on creating visualizations for a long time, hard and meticulously, so that the eyes of Lviv residents can see such works of art as: Avalon Lux, which makes you not look away for a long time because of the bright geometry: lines, angles, curves, and the glare of the sun from the glass terraces or the panoramic elevator - all this makes the project very charismatic.
Avalon 37. Restraint, clear forms, smooth facade, smooth figures - this design creates the impression of maximum strength and confidence, as well as harmoniously fits into the historic environment of the central part of the city.
Avalon Prime - the exterior of which is special due to the texture, uneven facade, a combination of glass balconies and dark tones of the house. Hidden from prying eyes, but completely open to sunlight.
Premium of the new generation - is not limited to continuing the tradition of creating what future generations will be proud of, it is a place of complete balance of comfort, aesthetics, refined service and environment with similar values ​​and principles, and all this is embodied in Avalon projects.
Premium of the new generation


Allow yourself to live the life that others dream of.
Safety, comfort, style, movement, harmony in everything, quality of life - this is what unites Avalon and Jaguar.
It is better to see them and let them enchant you than just to tell. This is a premium class - the maximum level of service, safety and comfort.
Jaguar sneaks in completely silently, and its movements are as accurate as AVALON facades. The first electric car from Jaguar, which will harmoniously complement the quiet night streets of your city! The first premium-class residential complex of an ideal design in the historic center of Lviv.
AVALON x Jaguar - the perfect balance of productivity, innovative technology and luxury.
Strive for more. Change your world with Avalon x Jaguar.


Lviv - in architecture, depth in people, creativity in style! Lviv - in the desire to move forward, develop, enjoy life, live comfortably, dress fashionably.
This is the concept we tried to convey in the collaboration Avalon x Fashionista
Your Lviv, your district, your house, your style, your choice.
Always your AVALON..


Each of the owners of an apartment in the Avalon residential complexes can literally feel at a height, because the windows and roof offer incredible panoramas of the evening city. And we, together with Split, decided to entertain you with an online DJ set, which took place at one of the residential complexes AVALON. Contemplate the incredible sunsets overlooking our beautiful city paired with musical vibes. Avalon - change your world.

What is Avalon?

We also decided to take part in the #what_is_ukraine challenge and offered our version - What is Avalon ❤️.

Avalon Facility Service

Avalon Facility Service is a management company created to service residential complexes, business and shopping centers, offices and commercial premises. Avalon Facility Service is a professional team that provides real estate support 24/7 and guarantees the quality of services. Every day, AFS staff worries about the cleanliness and integrity of the building, the heating, air conditioning, ventilation, lighting and water supply systems. AFS is also a concierge service to ensure the attention of every resident, as well as security for your life, because security peace in residential complexes is a coordinated work of professionals and security systems. It is difficult to create something large-scale and beautiful, but it is even more difficult to make it stay in perfect condition for as long as possible, and the people who live should receive maximum service. Now the AFS team serves Avalon Lux, Avalon A37, Avalon UP and the Futura Hub business space, New Point shopping center and several other facilities, and in the near future we will transfer Avalon Holiday into their safe hands..

The art of architecture by Avalon

Architecture is the kind of art we encounter every day, wherever we are and whatever we do. Different epochs, different styles, materials, textures, colors can be combined in one place, especially in Lviv, which has become a home for the results of the works of architects of all centuries. And the twenty-first as well. "We treat architecture as art, because we consider these concepts inseparable. Even the process of creating each project is reminiscent of painting, we put an idea here, we imagine what feelings the object should evoke and how it will complement the context in which it exists. It is very important to find a balance between trends and traditions, ie to harmoniously combine modern technologies and style of Lviv. Interestingly, we, like every artist, also face criticism and misunderstanding, and this is normal, natural, I would even say, because art is subjective and controversial, that is its essence. Indifference is the worst thing, ”explains chief architect Serhiy Mil. The concept of the idea of ​​the art of architecture was embodied by Avalon in a new advertising campaign, so now in the city you can find boards with reproductions of famous paintings, in which the facades of the developer's houses are integrated. Art is eternal, it remains in people's memory for a long time, it becomes an integral part of the culture of the people, and architecture forms a visual series, which is the main associative element of every city.
The art of architecture by Avalon

First acquaintance with Avalon Up!

Happy to catch the moment when you, our future residents came to get acquainted with the finished section of Avalon Up and their apartments. We rejoice with you every time we see such feedback..

Sales Director Martha Gerus on commercial premises in Avalon residential complexes:

“We have been engaged in the development of residential real estate since 2014. During this time, the team has implemented 7 projects and over 150,000 m² of real estate. In the active phase of construction, there are 5 more facilities and two residential complexes in the 2nd quarter of 2020. The concept of "city in city" - this principle is guided in the design of modern and comfortable housing. The infrastructure of the residential complexes is designed and supplemented with commercial premises, which create additional comfort for the residents of the residential area. Planning and design of commercial space in residential complexes is done with the assistance of a team of experts and external consultants. All in order to make the lives of the residents of Avalon residential complexes self-sufficient. At present, commercial premises in residential complexes are underway: Avalon Flex (Topolna St., 4), Avalon Up (60 Chervona Kalina Ave.), Avalon Holiday (Heroes of Maidan Street - Projected Street). Thank you customers for choosing Avalon real estate in the Avalon Lux, Avalon 37, Avalon, Avalon Garden, Avalon 2Day, Avalon Comfort, Avalon Light, Avalon Time, Avalon Zelena Street properties for your business. ”

<small>Sales Director Martha Gerus on commercial premises in Avalon residential complexes:</small>

We help fight COVID-19

Together with the Ridni Charitable Foundation, we were donated to the Clinical Hospital today ambulance remedies for healthcare professionals. Avalon CEO Alla Shamova: “In this difficult time, we did not hesitate for a minute and decided channel resources and our efforts to help healthcare facilities, which require the supply of PPE and accessories. Today we handed over protective suits for doctors, respirators, gloves and goggles to the Emergency Hospital in Lviv together with the Ridni Charitable Foundation. We also purchased and we expect delivery of 10 artificial lung ventilation devices. Take care of ourselves and our relatives, and together we will come out of this period stronger."
Stay at home to stay safe

We help fight COVID-19

Avalon has supported the Native Relief Foundation's initiative to help Lviv hospital physicians combat the spread of coronavirus. Together with partners Avalon and OKKO Group, and with the support of Medicover Medical Center, the Foundation purchased 20 artificial lung ventilation (IVL) devices. The devices will be delivered to hospitals in Lviv and the region within 12 days. Additionally, the Native Charity Foundation will provide 1,800 protective suits for physicians.
“Business cannot be left out - in the fight against a pandemic we need to join our efforts. At present, Lviv residents and residents of the region need our help. That is why we are working together to preserve human health and assist physicians in overcoming the spread of coronavirus, - says Avalon CEO Alla Shamova. quarantine. Right now, we have the opportunity to demonstrate our shared social responsibility: not only business before society, but also citizens before other citizens, each before ourselves.

We help fight COVID-19

About the architecture of the Avalon 37 luxury home and the company's focus in 2020

Alla Shamova, CEO of Avalon: “The architecture of the Avalon 37 premium building has been repeatedly noted. The residential complex received the prestigious international award European Property Awards 2019/2020 in London in the nomination "The best architecture of the residential complex", as well as the championship in the nomination "Residential Building of the Year" at the V Eastern Europe Real Estate Forum in Kiev. This is an additional motivation for the company’s team to develop and implement new premium objects. Avalon is a leader in premium residential property in Lviv, and we will actively develop this area in 2020. " Read more about the construction of the Avalon 37 premium residential complex in the March issue of Commercial Property or in the electronic version: link

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