Avalon Time
Lviv, Lipinskogo str. 27

Maybe everything, so a whole section of ready-made apartments from Avalon!
2 years ago we realized that we need to offer the market a new product that will meet the diverse needs of our modern customer. My team and I analyzed, researched, compared, forecast and decided to invest 100% in the construction of an entire section of apartments in the residential complex "Avalon Time" to start selling only after its full readiness. And finally, we have already started the sale of 4 ready-made sections in one of our most popular objects, the Avalon Time residential complex. And how the section differs from the previous ones, what additional work has been done and when you can inspect the apartment - you will be told in our sales departments.
V.Chornovola Ave., 18, Chervona Kalyna Ave., 60
or by phone number 0800 500 055
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Wonderful one bedroom apartment in the tallest skyscraper in Lviv
Chervonoi Kalini Ave. 60

Spacious, bright, with incredible views on the city center and park area. Watch a video from the A-home review on our YouTube channel.

What does a 5-bedroom two-level penthouse for a large family in Avalon LCD look like?
Zamarstynivska str. 55

Watch the video from the first A-home review on our YouTube channel.

Choose the A-Address of your future home - and we will safely take you for an inspection in the company's car

«A-Home Address is a new program for the company's clients, which allows you to buy ready-made housing at the final stage of construction. Favorable offers for the purchase of apartments are valid in 5 residential complexes:
• Avalon 37, str. Lychakivska, 37
• Avalon Zelena Street, str. Green, 204⠀
• Avalon UP, ave. Krasnaya Kalina, 60⠀
• Avalon Time, st. Lypynskoho, 27⠀
• Avalon K2, str. Zamarstynivska, 55
Call and the manager will advise on the choice of apartment and organization of the inspection.»
-Yaroslav Wozniak, Head of Sales and Marketing.
<small>Choose the A-Address of your future home - and we will safely take you for an inspection in the company's car</small>

Are you waiting for new construction broadcasts? And what about video stories from ready apartments in Avalon residential complexes?

We know that you can't wait to start the summer in your own apartment. So we have prepared for you offers of ready housing. Are you ready to drive for inspection by our Mini Cooper? The final stop is your future RC, which will be commissioned soon! So pack your things and follow our Instagram and YouTube pages to not miss a series of new reviews in stories.

LIVE - broadcasts on the construction of residential complexes Avalon

We work non-stop on the construction of homes for Avalon Family and share all the news on construction during live broadcasts. Broadcast videos are available for viewing at any time in our profile highlight stories Instagram.

Sales Director Martha Gerus on commercial premises in Avalon residential complexes:

“We have been engaged in the development of residential real estate since 2014. During this time, the team has implemented 7 projects and over 150,000 m² of real estate. In the active phase of construction, there are 5 more facilities and two residential complexes in the 2nd quarter of 2020. The concept of "city in city" - this principle is guided in the design of modern and comfortable housing. The infrastructure of the residential complexes is designed and supplemented with commercial premises, which create additional comfort for the residents of the residential area. Planning and design of commercial space in residential complexes is done with the assistance of a team of experts and external consultants. All in order to make the lives of the residents of Avalon residential complexes self-sufficient. At present, commercial premises in residential complexes are underway: Avalon Flex (Topolna St., 4), Avalon Up (60 Chervona Kalina Ave.), Avalon Holiday (Heroes of Maidan Street - Projected Street). Thank you customers for choosing Avalon real estate in the Avalon Lux, Avalon 37, Avalon, Avalon Garden, Avalon 2Day, Avalon Comfort, Avalon Light, Avalon Time, Avalon Zelena Street properties for your business. ”

<small>Sales Director Martha Gerus on commercial premises in Avalon residential complexes:</small>

We help fight COVID-19

Together with the Ridni Charitable Foundation, we were donated to the Clinical Hospital today ambulance remedies for healthcare professionals. Avalon CEO Alla Shamova: “In this difficult time, we did not hesitate for a minute and decided channel resources and our efforts to help healthcare facilities, which require the supply of PPE and accessories. Today we handed over protective suits for doctors, respirators, gloves and goggles to the Emergency Hospital in Lviv together with the Ridni Charitable Foundation. We also purchased and we expect delivery of 10 artificial lung ventilation devices. Take care of ourselves and our relatives, and together we will come out of this period stronger."
Stay at home to stay safe

We help fight COVID-19

Avalon has supported the Native Relief Foundation's initiative to help Lviv hospital physicians combat the spread of coronavirus. Together with partners Avalon and OKKO Group, and with the support of Medicover Medical Center, the Foundation purchased 20 artificial lung ventilation (IVL) devices. The devices will be delivered to hospitals in Lviv and the region within 12 days. Additionally, the Native Charity Foundation will provide 1,800 protective suits for physicians.
“Business cannot be left out - in the fight against a pandemic we need to join our efforts. At present, Lviv residents and residents of the region need our help. That is why we are working together to preserve human health and assist physicians in overcoming the spread of coronavirus, - says Avalon CEO Alla Shamova. quarantine. Right now, we have the opportunity to demonstrate our shared social responsibility: not only business before society, but also citizens before other citizens, each before ourselves.

We help fight COVID-19

The terms of deferral in Avalon Flex
Topolna str. 4

In this complex, we have envisaged the most advantageous and flexible Quarantine Support program. The installment schedule provides for the possibility of a first payment for the apartment of 10%. With further payment every 3 months at least 10% of the apartment price. In this case, the cost of m² at the first payment of 70% or more equates to the price per m² at 100% payment. The Avalon Flex offers you a balance of nature and convenient infrastructure, where everything is your favorite.

The terms of deferral in Avalon UP
Chervonoi Kalini Ave. 60

With the Quarantine program, you can make a down payment of 10% and become the owner of an apartment in the innovative complex Avalon UP, located in the heart of Sykhov. Other favorable conditions stipulate that the cost of m² on a down payment of 80% or more is equal to the price per m² at 100% payment. Avalon UP is the space of the future, designed according to the concept of "city in city". Office rooms, beauty salons, pharmacies, shops and cafes. Shopping center and luxurious park with innovative landscape planning. Places for recreation, bike paths and underground parking - all nearby and within the complex.

The terms of deferral in Avalon Holiday
Heroyiv Maydanu str. - Proektovana str

The Quarantine support program will continue until the end of the quarantine, providing favorable payment terms and the ability to choose a comfortable delay schedule. The cost of m² at the first installment of 80% or more is equal to the price of m² at 100% payment. Flexible installment schedule provides for the possibility of a first deposit of 10%. With further payment every 3 months at least 10% of the apartment price. The first phase of Avalon Holiday is expected to be delivered in quarter4 2020. So this year you can feel the atmosphere of holiday and daily relaxation.

The terms of deferral in Avalon Zelena Street
Zelena str. 204

Improved payment terms and payment schedule for Quarantine! Close the tab with the calculator, because everything is very simple - the price per m² at the first payment is 80% or more = the price per m² at 100% payment! That is, the value of m² in this case is fixed for you and will not grow, which is a reliable financial bonus. Another advantageous offer is a comfortable deferral schedule with the possibility of a first payment for an apartment of 10%. Next - payment every 3 months at least 10% of the cost of the apartment. Join the Avalon Family on Avalon Zelena Street. Submission of 3-8 sections - already in the 2nd quarter of 2020.

About the architecture of the Avalon 37 luxury home and the company's focus in 2020

Alla Shamova, CEO of Avalon: “The architecture of the Avalon 37 premium building has been repeatedly noted. The residential complex received the prestigious international award European Property Awards 2019/2020 in London in the nomination "The best architecture of the residential complex", as well as the championship in the nomination "Residential Building of the Year" at the V Eastern Europe Real Estate Forum in Kiev. This is an additional motivation for the company’s team to develop and implement new premium objects. Avalon is a leader in premium residential property in Lviv, and we will actively develop this area in 2020. " Read more about the construction of the Avalon 37 premium residential complex in the March issue of Commercial Property or in the electronic version: link

Avalon Time – the location of the correct solutions checked by the TIME

If you don't have enough space, sun and fresh air at home not only during the quarantine period, then you definitely do not have a spacious terrace where you can always relax and have a great time. Ready solution for you: 2-bedroom apartment with terrace in Avalon Time LCD on the street. Lipinski, 27.⠀ Beautiful dawns and sunsets await you overlooking the High Castle from the bedroom. Talking to friends in the spacious kitchen studio. And your own wardrobe Plus the developed infrastructure of the area, where everything is needed - quite near, will save more than one hour in traffic jams:
- Easy access to important locations
- Shopping malls and grocery stores
- Health and Beauty Centers
- Cafes, Parks & Recreation Areas
- Playgrounds for children and sports
- Po the central part of the city - 10 min

Quarantine period has you gotten bored? Kids have grown quickly and now you are looking for space and peace

Ready-made 171 sq m apartment in Avalon residential complex on Chornovola avenue, 16! The Avalon Family Package is an apartment and two parking spaces at a bargain. There is enough space for everyone! Silence and harmony - included in the package offer:
- Every child will have plenty of space for creativity and fun
- Spacious kitchen studio will be a place for compromises and delicious meetings
- there is a cozy place for pets - even for 2 Labradors and 1st Cat
- fantastic view from panoramic windows from the height of 9 / 10th floors to the historical part of the city and the High Castle will not leave you and your guests indifferent! Thoughtful apartment planning guarantees maximum personal space and functionality of every square meter

Our contacts

  • Phone 0 800 500 055
  • E-mail avalon.sellers@avalon-inc.com.ua
  • addresses of sales centers Lviv, V. Chornovil Ave., 18 (near LCD Avalon) Lviv , Chervonoyi Kalini Ave. , 60
  • work schedule Mon-Fri 10:00 – 19:00 Sat 11:00 – 17:00, Sunday - day off

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