AVALON GARDEN is an innovative and unique residential complex in Lviv.

The first advantage, above all others, is an exceptional approach to the customer. The opinion and expectations of residents were the key factor in implementing this project. Our experts carried out dozens of extended surveys in Lviv and its region with people of different social standings as their focus group. The findings revealed that this simple and understandable approach (to start from residents) is basically ignored by other project owners, real estate developers and investors not just within Lviv but within all the country. This approach, based on opinions and requirements of people, turned out to give developers the ideas on how to construct comfortable and modern residential complex.

AVALON GARDEN meets the expectations of people and proudly presents European housing accommodation with the wide range of optional and functional advantages combined with beautifully designed interior and exterior, which will surely be recognized on both domestic and foreign markets. For the time being it can be evaluated by our customers. 

Another advantage of AVALON GARDEN is its location in the vicinity of city center. Quiet Porokhova street is located Between Lyubinska and Kul’parkivska streets. This convenient location allows residents to commute to the city center or nearby supermarkets within a few minutes. Railway station and food market are closely situated which provides families with an easy access to all the necessities. AVALON GARDEN has everything for your comfortable, healthy and carefree life.


The third advantage which gives the edge to this residential complex is planting of greenery. Numerous trees can help apartment owners forget about hectic city and have the harmony with nature which modern big cities residents lack so much.

The last but not least factor is modern infrastructure solutions (which were expected by the residents) concerning children’s welfare. The area is supplied with playground, sandbox, roundabouts and whatever else is necessary for the young explorers.   

Our advantages:

  • state-of-the-art high quality materials (indoor and finishing);
  • modern high efficiency boilers (allow getting enough heat at a low rate of energy consumption);
  • protecting designs of clay building tiles porotherm made of ecologically friendly materials (not harmful for health and environment);
  • internal partitions in the building (between flats and between rooms), made of ceramic brick and rock gypsum in accordance with project design documents (ecologically friendly without harm to health and environment).

All materials used in the construction have the appropriate quality certificates that comply with current Ukrainian legislation.

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